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Terms & Conditions

Return (Notice of Cancellation): The renter may return the instrument to EBR  and/or its Agent at any time. This agreement will be canceled, provided all fees have been paid up to and including the date of return. No refund of money will be made if the instrument is returned, as all money received shall be considered rent until full payment is made. EBR , OR ITS AGENT, IS THE ONLY PARTY PERMITTED TO ACCEPT RETURNS ON INSTRUMENTS.

The initial payment is non-refundable once the item has been shipped due to shipping costs and restocking fees. Free shipping on rental periods longer than 6 months. Rentals returned in less than 2 months will be charged the additional restocking fee.


Late Charge: Lease payments are collected via credit card. If any rental payment is not received within 5 days after its due date, lessee may be subject to pay a late charge of $10.00 for each payment that becomes delinquent.


You are not obligated to renew this Agreement beyond the initial term. The initial rental term is 1 month. If you have not returned the Property to EBR  upon the expiration of the initial lease period, this lease automatically renews at the beginning of each successive monthly lease period. You agree to pay the monthly rental fee for each renewed lease period until the equipment is returned or you decide to purchase the equipment, and full payment is received.  


All fees are to be paid in advance. There is no prepayment penalty. Lessee can exercise the option to purchase the instrument at any time with their account is in good standing. The instrument purchase price can be determined by multiplying the monthly rental & Maintenance price by 36 and then subtracting the "Base Rent x Months Paid” and then multiplying by 50%. Sales tax will then be added. You cannot mortgage, sell, pawn, or dispose of the property until ownership is gained thereof. The payment amount may not include sales tax, late charges, shipping charges, reinstatement fees, or optional maintenance or repair charges. 50% of base rent payments can be applied as a discount toward the future purchase of an alternate instrument, as well as step up instruments.

Alternatively, If the customer rents the instrument for 36 months with an account in good standing, the item becomes the property of the customer (Rent Only Fractional Sizes Excluded) The initial payment is considered a trial period and shipping deposit and not a rental payment and therefore does not count toward the 36 months of payment. 


Title: EBR  is to retain full title and ownership of equipment until full purchase has been made and lessee agrees not to sell, sublease, mortgage, pawn, pledge, encumber, remove from the state, or otherwise dispose of equipment until purchased. This contract may be assigned to EBR . This agreement and/or equipment is not transferable by Renter. 



Default: A. EBR  can declare an "event of default" of this agreement if (i) Renter fails to pay a scheduled rental payment and late charge within 10 days after the due date of the rental payment.(ii) Renter breaches a promise/obligation under this agreement,(iii)Renter filed misleading or inaccurate information on this agreement, or (iv) anything happens that EBR  feels endangers the equipment in the Renter’s possession. B. If EBR  declares an "event of default," EBR  shall be entitled to charge the Renter the entire purchase price of the instrument or repossess the equipment in accordance with State and Federal Law. If EBR  does take possession of the equipment, it is agreed that this contract shall end, and the renter shall have no further responsibility for further payments, but shall remain liable for past due payments, late charges, and for any loss or damage which may have occurred to the equipment. Renter is also liable for any reasonable attorney and/or collection fees and all related costs necessary to remit the entire balance to EBR  and/or recover the equipment. C. If EBR  declares an "event of default," the equipment must be returned to EBR within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excluded) or equipment will be subject to repossession. Failure to return rented equipment to EBR  and/or Agent at their request in the event of default , may, under the laws of this state, constitute theft which is a felony punishable by fine or imprisonment.You are responsible for any monthly rental payments, which accrue before EBR  acquires possession.  If you fail or refuse to comply with this requirement, You agree to pay EBRs costs incurred in taking possession to include but not exclusive of court costs and attorney fees to the extent permitted under state law or as awarded under ~ 506(b) of the bankruptcy code. 


Credit Card Authorization: If Lessee is more than ten (10) days late in paying any sums due under this agreement, Renter hereby authorizes EBR  to submit a credit card voucher in Renter’s name for payment of any sums due under this agreement, to include remaining balance of purchase price less credit for previous rent paid, should equipment not be returned to EBR  or Agent upon demand. In the event that an instrument is brought in or returned with negligent damage, you authorize us to charge the card on file for the damages even after cancellation of the agreement. You authorize us to attempt to charge your card up to 6 times per month per failed payment.


Reinstatement: Renter who fails to make timely rental payments has the right to reinstate the original equipment rental agreement without losing any rights or options previously acquired under the equipment rental agreement if the Renter promptly surrenders the equipment to either EBR  or Agent upon request. Renter has 90 days to request reinstatement. Before Reinstatement, it is necessary to pay all rental payments, and a delivery charge, if any. If at time of reinstatement, the original equipment is not available, equipment of equal quality will be substituted. 

Text Message Opt-In: Renter is automatically opted into receiving text massages and authorizes EBR to communicate details of late payments through direct message.


Credit Report Authorization: Renter authorizes EBR  to obtain a personal credit report. This equipment rental agreement is subject to approval within 30 days. Renter authorizes EBR  to contact spouse, student, Employer, and/or nearest relative regarding this agreement if past due. If paid, the security deposit (if any) will be returned to renter within thirty days less any deductions for excessive damage, missing items, past-due rent, and/or late fees. 


Condition of Rental Equipment: Renter agrees not to hold EBR  and/or Agent responsible for the hygienic condition of rental equipment (including mouthpiece). 


Optional Maintenance & Repair Agreement: Renter is responsible and liable for all costs incurred by EBR  in the event of loss or damage to rented equipment for other than ordinary wear and tear. If the Optional Maintenance & Repair Agreement is purchased, EBR will repair and maintain the equipment and all defects that arise from normal use. Cosmetic damage, negligent damage, and finish wear are not included, as well as material replacement such as strings, hair, reeds, and other similar items. In the event of loss or theft of rented equipment, Renter will pay the purchase price, plus tax, less any applicable rent payments to EBR  upon demand. Such liability will not exceed the Purchase Price of the property at the time it is lost or damaged. No insurance is provided by EBR  for adjustments and repairs and general cleaning. NO REPAIR SHOP MAY WORK ON THIS INSTRUMENT OTHER THAN EBR.  

Condition of Cash Back Program: Easy Band Rentals gives back 15% to area teachers who sign-up for our program. 


Entire Agreement/ Time is of the Essence: This rental agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Renter and EBR, and shall not be amended, altered, or changed except by written agreement signed by the parties hereto. Time is of the essence. All payments are due and equipment returnable to EBR  and/or Agent.


AutoPay: Payment will only be accepted by AutoPay with credit card via Stripe or PayPal. Renter authorizes the automatic debiting of the credit card used for this agreement. 

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